I use this site to collect thoughts on parenting, literature, art and design, food and drink, and the outdoors.

Don’t make it bad.

A consistent memory from my high school years is driving the roughly 20 miles to school each morning, first in a Celebrity station wagon, then a Geo Metro and finally in my forever car, a 1975 VW Beetle. For much of that time, the soundtrack for those drives was classic rock and roll from the … Continue reading Don’t make it bad.

What’s here.

  • Ramblings – The primary purpose of this space is to gather random thoughts about both work and other life.
  • Actual Work – I’m also compiling a few examples of my professional contributions.

Nice to meet you.

I’m into gerunds like communicating, engaging, parenting, adulting, reading, arting, designing, fooding, beering and hiking. Learn more about me.